Capp’s five-step approach to strengths-based recruitment

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October 2019
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strengths-based assessment

The Benefits of Strengths Based Video Interviewing

Posted by: Caroline Mackinnon, Marketing Manager, Capp


Nestlé, Capp and Sonru hosted a first class, evidence rich and fast paced webinar on Strengths-based Video Interviewing.


The session was introduced by Maiken O’Bryne, Head of Client Support at Sonru and Helen Dovey, Senior Psychologist at Capp, both sharing the fundamentals and benefits of video interviewing and using a strengths-based approach as part of a recruitment process.


Following the introduction, Tom Banham, Nestlé Academy Recruitment Manager, eloquently led the discussion on why Nestlé chose to use Capp’s strength-based methodology and showcased the use of strength-based video interviewing, highlighting data-led findings from the Nestlé graduate programme which implements Sonru’s online video interviewing technology.


Tom identified four key graduate recruitment challenges that needed to be addressed:

  • Graduate attrition rates were at 20%, but only 1% for their non-graduate entry level employees
  • Graduates were not fast tracking quickly enough through the business, given the investment being made
  • A weak internal talent pipeline was leading to key senior positions not getting the right succession plans
  • A mismatch of aspirations with many graduate trainees not showing a passion for either the company or the food industry


These were creating a misalignment between recruitment, hiring and development, with assessors becoming disengaged.


Nestlé were recruiting graduates across 10 different business functions and needed an approach that covered both commercial and technical roles.


The decision to use a strengths-based approach was taken for five reasons:

  • Unlike traditional competency approaches, it doesn’t rely on past experience
  • Assessors don’t see an application form, therefore have no preconceived ideas
  • It’s innovative and helps Nestlé differentiate itself in the graduate recruitment market
  • It’s easier to identify the passions that will suit different areas of the business
  • Competencies were proving unreliable in assessing potential


Some graduates cut and paste the same answers onto different online application forms hence a new approach was needed that could get behind the experience and find out more about the person. In partnership with Capp, Nestlé introduced an end to end strengths-based approach starting with attraction, followed by an online Situational Strengths Test, numerical test, strengths-based video interview and fully strengths-based assessment centre.


As the final step before the assessment centre, video interviewing was used as an alternative to telephone interviewing because it gives candidates greater opportunity to personalise their approach, whilst also getting them away from the mindset of the traditional application processes. 72% of candidates said that they preferred video to the phone as it was more flexible, whilst Nestlé found a significant cost saving. It also eradicated the possibility that skilled interviewers could ‘lead’ the candidate to a favourable answer.


In the application form, candidates are able to reflect on skills that they had learned, understand them and how they can be used at Nestlé, whilst during the Situational Strengths Test they were put in situations reflecting some of the real challenges they will face, helping to gain greater clarity on whether they are a good fit with the business.


Overall the strengths-based video interviewing approach has produced very positive results for the company. There has been a cost saving of £41,000 and a great improvement in the likelihood of assessment centre success, resulting in 98% of the assessors believing that the people recruited in this way will be an asset to the business – and 96% of the assessment centre attendees said the process helped Nestlé stand out from their competitors!


Two further major benefits have been an improvement in social mobility, and also a large increase in female recruits for technical disciplines – up from 22% to 67%.


The session closed with a Q&A where some fascinating questions were raised by a live audience, answered articulately by the three hosts.


To find out more about how Nestlé have successfully incorporated this industry leading approach and to gain a greater insight in to strengths-based assessment and video interviewing, please get in touch, you are also able to request a copy of the webinar.


Please contact Capp on +44 (0) 2476 323 363, email or contact Helen directly on or link in at:




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New Assessment Vacancies at Capp

Posted by: Alex Linley, Director, Capp


Capp continues to grow from strength to strength (sorry, pun intended ;-) ). As a result, we are looking to add new members to our Consulting team, with a focus on assessment.


The positions are advertised on our website here, and the advertisement is also posted below for your ease of reference.


If you know anyone who would be a great fit with the best strengths-based assessment team in the country, please encourage them to get in touch. Thank you!


Consulting Psychologist / Consultant £24-32k pa + substantial benefits + bonus

Graduate Psychologist / Consultant £18-24k pa + substantial benefits + bonus


Do you have the strengths we’re looking for?


Capp delivers performance through strengths. Our clients include many international household names across the private and public sectors. Our leading edge work on strengths-based assessment has won client awards and features monthly in the trade press.


In order to meet increasing client demand for our strengths-based assessment solutions, we are adding new assessment specialists to our Consulting team.


We want to hear from you, if you love to deliver on, and feel energised by:

  • Working to develop strengths-based assessment solutions across the employee life cycle.
  • Having a passion for assessment, with a buzz from implementing leading technology solutions.
  • Listening to clients to understand what they need, delivering practical solutions that add value.
  • Developing market-leading innovations for new assessment products.
  • Writing client-fit assessment materials for online tests, interviews and assessment centres.
  • Taking care and showing personal responsibility to deliver quality in everything you do.
  • Project managing large scale projects, always delivering on time and within budget.


If successful, you will join the industry leaders in strengths-based assessment. In return for what you bring to Capp, you will enjoy a substantial benefits package, including contributory occupational pension scheme, generous holiday entitlement, performance bonus, flexible working arrangements, training and development opportunities, and being part of a highly engaged and high performing team!


We are open to considering both full and part time appointments for these positions. Consultancy and/or commercial experience would be a distinct advantage.


For further particulars about the role, and details of how to apply, please contact Emma Mason on +44 (0) 2476 323 363 or


For further information about Capp, visit our website,


The closing date for applications is 12.00 midday on Monday 30th September 2013.

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Why Do ‘Bespoke’ Assessment Centres Always Feel the Same?

Posted by: Jamie Betts


In this third blog introducing Capp’s Strengths Selector, Jamie Betts explores how the Strengths Assessment Centre, the fourth step of Strengths Selector, serves to differentiate the Assessment Centre experience for candidates, helping organisations identify and select the right talent


It’s perplexing. Assessment and development experts will all agree about the importance of bespoke assessment centres, which measure the unique behaviours required for success in a given role. And yet, as any graduate doing the assessment centres ’rounds’ will tell you, most assessment centres tend to feel the same.


One of the reasons for this homogeneity seems to be rooted in the weaknesses of the competency-based approach. For all the talk of organisations having unique cultures, the same 4 or 5 generic competencies are measured again and again: customer focus, collaboration/teamwork, results orientation, and planning/organising almost always crop up in one form or another.


And yet, despite the striking similarities between these assessment centres, design consultancies sell these competency-based assessment centres as entirely ‘bespoke’. This is not entirely untrue, since each assessment centre will often be designed from scratch.


But given how similar the assessment centres feel, and what they measure, it could also be regarded as intellectually dishonest.


This is just one reason why at Capp we have moved away from competency-based assessment centres, and instead are innovating in the field of strength-based assessment. Not only does strengths assessment allow for a greater range behaviours to be measured, it also provides a more natural and positive environment for candidates to express their natural behavioural preferences.


Strengths-based assessment helps break the cycle of overly similar assessment centres for volume and graduate recruitment/development, moving away from the tendency of measuring the same narrow range of core behaviours.


Not only is this good news for candidates, it’s great news for organisations looking to measure an individual’s true behavioural potential and to spot who has the talent to succeed.


Strengths Assessment Centres are the fourth step in Strengths Selector, Capp’s five step approach to strengths-based recruitment. Read more about Strengths Selector  and Strengths Assessment Centres here.


Jamie Betts is a Principal Consultant at Capp.

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