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November 2019
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Scottish Highers results

Launching School Leavers’ Fortnight on The Capp Blog

Posted by: Alex Linley & Nicky Garcea, as part of School Leavers’ Fortnight


With Scottish Highers results published today, and A-level results looming for many in England and Wales on Thursday 16 August, we are launching “School Leavers’ Fortnight” for the the next two weeks on The Capp Blog.


Throughout this period, we will share with you a series of blogs that cover topics including how students can differentiate themselves on application forms and at interviews, insights from the mind of the interviewer, how young people can use their strengths to enhance their employability, and what advice you can give as a parent, teacher or careers adviser to young people making key decisions at this point in their lives.


We know from the myriad statistics and reports being published that a university degree might not always be the best option for everyone, and that more and more people are turning to apprenticeships or moving directly into the world of work. Supporting this trend, many large graduate employers are questioning whether graduate schemes are the right talent feeder pool for them, or whether they would do better to work at attracting and recruiting junior talent from further down the feeder pool – straight after A-levels, through apprenticeships, or via work placement schemes.


It has been assumed for a long time that universities were the natural sift for the talented to progress, but increasingly this view is being questioned. With rising university fees, ever higher levels of student debt, reduced degree class differentiation, and tightening graduate employment opportunities, both potential employees and graduate employers themselves are asking if there is a better way.


We are witnessing profound social change in the transition of young people to adulthood and the world of work. As with any major change, this creates risks but also huge opportunities. There is real cachet awaiting the organisations capable of reaching out to this emerging junior talent pool and finding the right ways to attract, select, recruit, develop and retain them through their early career years and beyond.


As we will explore throughout the blogs of School Leavers’ Fortnight, helping young people to recognise, develop and make the most of their strengths is critical in enabling them to be their best at work. Through helping young people to discover what they do best and love to do, we can help them discover the careers that will give them success and fulfilment for years to come.


We hope you enjoy the blogs of School Leavers’ Fortnight over the next two weeks. Share them with your colleagues, share them with other parents, share them with young people and school leavers themselves.


It’s time to start thinking afresh about what school leaver career paths can look like.

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