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November 2019
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Behind the Scenes, the Manager’s Role…

Posted by: Emma Trenier


When new teams come together, there are many reasons why they either succeed or fail to gel. In my experience, this gelling rarely happens by accident. There is a usually a good manager behind the scenes setting the tone, steering, giving feedback here and there in a multitude of ways in addition to their visible core activities. I have recently worked with a team manager who seems to be doing everything right…


He is a strategic thinker and knows that he finds it hard to translate his big complex ideas into words. He has found that complementary partnerships really work, and so he relies on his team leaders to explain many of his ideas to the team.


He consciously sets an example to others of work-life balance, generates a positive climate through daily banter and encouraging participation. Everyone takes their turn at chairing team meetings and they all enjoy coming into the office.


He not only understands the skill sets of each team member, but also understands their strengths. To identify their strengths, every team member has taken Realise2, Capp’s online strengths assessment tool, and shared their profile with the rest of the team.


He understands the emotional impact of change on his team and is continually observing where each individual is on the change curve. His aim is to move people forward, but only as fast as they are able to go.


As this team has begun to build its own identity, he has worked with them to create a team vision and strategy that is aligned with corporate strategy, but that is also meaningful to each individual.


Finally, through discussion with other leaders, he has found a way of setting goals and objectives that enable each person to use their strengths to fulfil their part in the team in a meaningful way.


High profile psychologist Martin Seligman talks about the five factors that lead to flourishing with his PERMA model. These are Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment. This team manager, who is doing pretty much everything right, has found a way to incorporate all of these elements within the life of his team. Seligman would certainly be impressed.

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