Capp’s five-step approach to strengths-based recruitment

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October 2019
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Beyond Induction: How Ineffective On-boarding Harms Business Performance

Posted by: Jamie Betts


In this final blog introducing Capp’s Strengths Selector, Jamie Betts explores how Strengths On-boarding, the fifth and final step of Strengths Selector, ensures that new joiners are more productive in their new organisation from day one, week one and month one


Many of us have been there. We start a new job, we’re excited, we’re ready to perform, and we want to deliver great results. Then reality hits – the organisation has no idea how to harness our potential, and we feel a sense of low-level frustration. Stagnation follows. And a resignation follows some time after that.


Perhaps the worst thing about this cycle of events is how rarely it’s picked up. People don’t want to burn bridges, and it’s not like their organisation is… bad. It’s just not for them. They’ll do their job, meander along, cause no problems, and then move onto pastures new. It happens all the time, as any organisation with a robust exit survey process can attest.


This isn’t how businesses will achieve optimum performance. By failing to understand their individual behavioural preferences and potential, we greatly reduce the chances of people attaining peak performance. Multiply this by several key hires, and you’re left with an organisation which won’t realise it’s own potential.


This impacts quickly on organisational performance – service delivery, profit, reputation… all can be damaged.


It needn’t be like this. Though straightforward interventions, such as identifying an individual’s strengths prior to them joining, we’re able to help them map out their pathway to optimal performance.


Effective on-boarding isn’t just about an induction and a mobile phone, but also the harnessing of an individual’s true potential, helping them align their strengths to how they will deliver success in role.


After all, their strengths are what you recruited them for – and it is these strengths which will lead to engaged, motivated employees, and an organisation primed for peak performance.


Strengths On-boarding is the fifth step in Strengths Selector, Capp’s five-step approach to strengths-based recruitment. Read more about Strengths Selector and Strengths On-boarding here.


Jamie Betts is a Principal Consultant at Capp.

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