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October 2019
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moderate learned behaviours

Four Quadrants, Four Ways with Realise2

Dear Readers of The Capp Blog,


Throughout April, we will be running a series of blogs about Realise2, our strengths identification and development tool that has now been taken by over 60,000 people around the world. Giving us a great jump start to this series, Trudy Bailey starts us off with “Four Quadrants, Four Ways with Realise2“.


We hope you enjoy the Realise2 blog themes throughout April.



Alex Linley


Posted by: Trudy Bailey, Development Consultant, Capp


So, you have your Realise2 profile. It looks pretty and the strengths icons are cool, but now what?


Here is a tip for each of the four quadrants to help you identify some actions, based on the 4Ms of Capp’s Realise2 Model:


1. Marshal your realised strengths – We want to use our realised strengths in a way that keeps the energy alive, rather than consistently using them until we burn out or annoy others! Do you have any that you could dial up to achieve a task, or dial down? You may have other strengths you can use instead of your natural default realised strengths. What would others like to see you use more? Ask for some honest feedback from someone who knows you well!


2. Moderate your learned behaviours – So, you perform well here but the energy is lacking. Which of these learned behaviours drains you the most? Can you delegate it to someone else or rely on it less? What about sandwiching it in between something more enjoyable? I sandwich my work using my learned behaviour of Detail between a couple of realised strengths or I know I will drink too much coffee!


3. Minimise your weaknesses – Yep, the dreaded W word; we all have them, so time to face them so we can focus on our strengths instead. How might you use a strength to compensate for your weakness. For example, I use my Judgement strength to support my weakness of Adherence (so I know which rules are ok to break!) Alternatively, try swapping tasks with someone else or tweaking your role slightly.


4. Maximise your unrealised strengths – This is the best bit. Often described as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow or a present! You have energy here which is not getting a chance to be set free.  Which of your unrealised strengths can you most proftiably maximise? Do you have any goals or tasks you can specifically align them to? You may need to work on these gradually as you gain experience and build your confidence.


Use the the Realise2 4M Model to work through your profile and take some actions around each quadrant. That’s one of the best ways to deliver performance through strengths.


Good luck!

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