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October 2019
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Happy New Year

Using Strengths and Positive Psychology This Festive Season

Posted by: Nicky Garcea


Christmas and New Year, for some, is a time for celebration and jubilation. For others, it will be a period of reflection, sadness or stress. As I approach my first Christmas with my son, I am reminded of how positive psychology and strengths have played a part in his first year, and how both will feature in our Christmas.


Mental snap shots: This year like no other, I have been taking mental photographs and collecting my positive resources. I find I can pull out these positive mental images during points of the day which cause my tension or apprehension. Many of you will be familiar with the work of Barbara Fredrickson and her approach to building positive emotional resources. I know this Christmas, which I will spend with my 10 month old son and 89 year old Nan, will provide me with some great chances to build up my mental image bank. What mental photographs will you take?


Creating rituals: As I talk to my friends who are also approaching their child’s first Christmas, they share with me their childhood memories and the new rituals they are forming as a family. Even for those of you who will work over the Christmas period, I suspect you will squeeze in at least one of your favourite Christmas rituals. What will it be?


Savouring moments: Christmas, even in years when we may have experienced loss, provides us with moments to savour. This holiday period seems always to be filled with sensory explosions, smells, tastes, sounds and things to touch! Taking time to stop and savour these moments, helps to remind us that pleasure can come from the simplest of gifts. How will you stay mindful and savour more moments this Christmas?


Pulling on our strengths: I am an anticipator. I am already conjuring up some of the potential highs and lows of the week ahead. I am currently of the view that the Realise2 strength of Reconfiguration is possibly the most helpful strength over Christmas. This strength means that you can take pleasure in plans changing and can re-arrange resources at a moment’s notice. Which of your strengths do you think you will pull on most this Christmas?


Happy New Year: It is scientifically impossible to be happy all of the time. It is also proven that you can have too much of a good thing. However, focusing on our strengths and being realistically optimistic is good for us. It is sometimes easier when we’re under pressure to forget the impact of focusing on what is going well in our lives, losing sight of the benefit this has on our minds and health. As we venture into the New Year, how might you increase your focus on your strengths, the aspects of your life that you most treasure, and the relationships that you want to nurture?


Doing each of these will make for a Happier New Year. Here’s to doing them in 2013, and beyond.


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