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October 2019
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My Strengths Journey: How Strengths Can Change Over Time

Posted by: Trudy Bailey


As one of the lead trainers on Realise2, Capp’s online strengths identification tool, I am often asked “How do strengths change over time?” I love this question because it asks me to justify how strengths are not only dynamic, but also stable over time, and I am able to demonstrate my strength of Counterpoint!


I thought sharing how my journey has shaped my strengths over the years might, in turn, help you think about your own strengths and their past and future path.


I have completed Realise2 every six months since the launch, nearly 4 years ago.  Realise2 measures not only your performance (things you do well), but also your energy (things you love to do) and your use (how often you get a chance to use them). With this in mind, the profile collates this to show you your realised strengths, unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses.


I am lucky enough to have enjoyed several different roles in this time at Capp (one of the benefits of a strengths-based organisation) which has seen some exciting changes as I develop in new areas and find ways to use my strengths further.


Here are a few examples from my Realise2 profile:


Humour, Counterpoint and Persuasion – My manager reflected that no matter where my journey took me, I have always been able to see the funny side of things!  These three strengths have remained with me in my realised strengths in every profile. They are a good dynamic, as I often bring a different viewpoint to situations, and will then use humour to be persuasive.  These feel part of who I am and I would feel naked without them.


Service – This started out as one of my realised strengths. I simply love to do things for other people; it gives me such a buzz. Unfortunately, over time, I have used this too much as in my role I am responsible for providing a service to lots of people. So, Service has now become a learned behaviour: something I do well but I find a bit draining.  That can happen to our strengths if we overplay them.


Growth and Drive – Both of these were once unrealised strengths, and are proudly sitting now within my realised strengths as I get to use them more often. I am on a progressive path at Capp and love what I do, so I am able to draw on my strengths to achieve my career goals, whilst supporting others to achieve their goals.


Order – This was once a realised strength and has been an unrealised strength for a couple of years. This works well for me, as I prefer to work more interactively with people, but I also know that when I am managing large scale projects, it is something I know I can draw on when required.


Planful – A weakness for me, and showed up as one on every profile! My preference is to use something I am good at: putting things into action as soon as possible is one of these, so it can leave my planful requiring some support sometimes!


So, we’ve seen that strengths can change in your profile, as well as how and why. How have your strengths evolved and where could they take you?


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