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October 2019
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Chinese zodiac

Happy Chinese New Year!

Posted by: Alex Linley & Nicky Garcea


This Sunday, 10 February, welcomes in the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Snake.


May we take this opportunity to wish all of our colleagues, clients and contacts – especially those across Asia – a very prosperous and fulfilling Chinese New Year.


To celebrate the Chinese New Year at Capp, we conducted a thoroughly unscientific straw poll of the Capp team, to see which Realise2 strength would be most attributed to each of the Chinese astrological signs.


For this, we used the descriptions available at Chinese Zodiac. Any psychometrician will immediately recognise that these descriptions would have very low or non-existent internal consistency reliability. But hey, we’re just working from different epistemological bases – and let’s remember that the Chinese astrological signs were around well before Lee Cronbach (1916-2001; the originator of Cronbach’s alpha to measure internal consistency reliability).


Here are the strengths that what we found might be most typical of each of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs:


Rat – Rapport Builder, Curiosity

Ox – Drive, Work Ethic

Tiger – Courage, Persuasion

Rabbit – Relationship Deepener, Compassion

Dragon – Action, Competitive

Snake – Judgement, Personalisation

Horse – Personal Responsibility, Catalyst

Goat – Incubator, Creativity

Monkey – Humour, Adventure

Rooster – Order, Authenticity

Dog – Empathic Connection, Persistence

Pig – Pride, Growth


Do you recognise these strengths in yourself, relative to your Chinese zodiac sign?


Let us know what you think by sharing your Comments below. And have a very Happy Chinese New Year as you do so!


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