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January 2015
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Daily Archives: January 20, 2015

Use Your Strengths to Achieve Your Goals and Be Happy

Posted by: Alex Linley, Capp


It seems a truism to say that using your strengths will help you to achieve your goals, and yet still nowhere near enough people treat their strengths as their starting point for how they will achieve their goals.


The link between strengths and goals is something that has intrigued us for many years at Capp, since it is the fundamental philosophy underpinning everything that we do in our work, from strengths-based recruitment, through strengths-based development, to delivering strengths-based performance.


A wealth of evidence shows the links between strengths and happiness, but until we started our work, there wasn’t really much that said WHY there was this link between strengths and happiness. In 2010, colleagues and I published a paper in the International Coaching Psychology Review showing that people who used their strengths more were more likely to achieve their goals, and in doing so, they were likely to be happier.


In this paper in the International Coaching Psychology Review, we proposed that this was reflective of the self-concordance model of healthy goal attainment. This is basically a posh way of saying that when your goals are things that fit with you and matter to you, and your strengths are, by definition, an authentic part of you that you enjoy using, then using your strengths to achieve your goals will help you to be happier and experience higher well-being.


This is fundamental to the whole strengths philosophy, and explains why we see better results in recruitment, development and performance when working from people’s strengths. In short, because it FITS. We are working with the grain, rather than against the grain.


That’s why we’re running the Realise2 promotion throughout the month of January, helping all of our clients, and their clients in turn, to link their strengths to their New Year’s Resolutions, thereby increasing their chances of achieving those resolutions and being happier. Throughout January, if you buy 4 Realise2 codes, you will receive a 5th code FREE!


Simply go to and enter GOALS2015 at the checkout to make the most of this offer.


Advancing knowledge about strengths and goals is also why we’re supporting Josh Gladwin, a third year undergraduate psychology student at the University of Warwick, with his third year project. Josh is looking in more detail at the relationships between strengths and goal attainment, and he would love your help.


If you can spare 5 minutes, please help advance our knowledge and support his research by completing Josh’s questionnaire here -


Thank you for your continued support, and don’t give up on those New Year Resolutions!


(P.S. – You’re less likely to if you’re using your strengths!)

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