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January 2015
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Daily Archives: January 5, 2015

Calling All New Year Goal Seekers!

Posted by: Trudy Bailey


It’s New Year’s resolution time again! You know, the resolutions we make this week and then typically make excuses for next week!


But it doesn’t have to be that way. Succeed with your New Year’s resolutions by making them part of you and something you really want to achieve – align them to your strengths so they just come naturally.


We know from our research at Capp that people who harness their strengths to achieve their goals are more likely to be successful in achieving those goals. Including your New Year’s resolutions!  


Some strengths are better suited to goal attainment generally – strengths like Mission, Drive, Catalyst and Work Ethic – but, of course, any of your strengths could be entirely relevant to what you want to achieve.


What do you want to achieve and how will your strengths support you? Be as specific as possible to maximise your chances of success.  If your goal is about building relationships at work or home, there may be several ways to go about this. But which way will allow you to play to your strengths?


For example, you may dial up your Connector or Rapport Builder strength if it is about strength in numbers, or alternatively your Relationship Deepener, Listener or Service to go one step closer and stand the test of time.


Perhaps you have a strength which might hinder your goal, and you need to think about dialing this down. One of mine is Counterpoint – I simply love having an opinion. However, there is always a time and place and Counterpoint doesn’t suit every situation, as sometimes we need to move forward with the plan and execute!


Are there any weaknesses you will need to minimise to achieve your goals? Don’t get tripped up here, acknowledge the weakness so that you can compensate for it and ask for help.


To help you and your team achieve your 2015 goals, Capp are offering ‘Buy 4, get 1 free’ for all Realise2 Profiles (Premium or Standard, max 125 total per person) purchased throughout the whole of January. Simply enter the code ‘GOALS2015′ during the checkout process.


Give yourself your best chance of achieving your New Year’s resolutions, and buy your Realise2 Profiles here. 


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