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October 2013
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Developing your Centred, Compassion and Optimism strengths this Diwali

Posted by: Gurpal Minhas, Consulting Psychologist, Capp



This weekend (2nd/3rd November), many Hindu, Sikh and Jain followers will celebrate the festival of Diwali. Known as the Festival of Light millions of people around the globe will congregate and celebrate the triumph of good over evil.


For each religion, the meaning of Diwali manifests in different ways.


For Hindus, it’s for the return of Lord Rama and Sita after 14 years of exile into the forest. For Sikhs, it’s for the release of Guru Hargobind Dev Ji and 52 Kings incarcerated in India and for Jains, it’s for the attainment of peace.


Typically, lamps and small divas are left on all day and night as a symbol of auspiciousness and to ward away any negativity. Many will visit holy shrines and temples, sweet foods will be shared and fireworks will be lit to celebrate this joyous occasion.


So what has Diwali taught us about the development of our strengths? The great individuals that I’ve mentioned above displayed great compassion, optimism and an ability to be centred.


Lord Ram and Sita displayed great composure and self-assurance after being sent to the forest for 14 years; they were led back home by the candles that villagers lit for them outside their homes. They showed a great belief in truth and righteousness. Guru Hargobind felt that he could not leave the jail without the remaining 52 kings leaving with him. He displayed great optimism maintaining a positive outlook and attitude when the situation was unprecedented.


So as you witness and hear the fireworks this weekend, think back to the compassion that Guru Hargobind displayed- he showed a great ability to care for others. Likewise, consider Lord Ram and Sita’s ability to remain centred allowing them to stay focused and adhere to righteousness throughout the challenges they faced in the forest, holding on to faith and remaining optimistic that one day they would return.


If you have the strengths of Centred, Compassion and Optimism, how can you best develop and grow them?

  • Think about the occasions when you’ve felt most anchored and calm- when does this occur and what does your sense of self-assurance mean to you?
  • When you offer support, how does this work for your friends/family/colleagues? Typically, you help others feel really good about themselves too!
  • Have you noticed the impact that your optimism has on the people around you?
  • What strengths represent your ‘truth’, values and purpose? How are you using these in daily life?
  • What does ‘good’ mean to you? How does this translate into the decisions that you make for yourself, your team and your organisation?




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