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July 2013
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Daily Archives: July 16, 2013

Are You Doing the Same Thing and Expecting a Different Result?

Posted by: Celine Floyd, Managing Psychologist, Capp


‘Insanity is doing the same thing again and again, and expecting a different result’: Albert Einstein


What do you think of Einstein’s quote? What elements of your work does it make you reflect on, or rethink? Are you and your team victims of this insanity he describes?


We heard this quote at the AGR conference last week, and for one reason or another it stuck with the team here at Capp. Indeed, we felt that forward thinking, innovation and, in a sense, boldness, were themes running through the whole 2 days of the AGR Conference. We wondered what the world of graduate recruitment would look like through this lens.


The essence is that recruiters may be experiencing common recruitment challenges: an undifferentiated attraction pool and brand, difficulty identifying high performing candidates, high drop-out rates before or upon offer, disengaged assessors and interviewers, and the appointment of satisfactory, but not exemplary, graduates.


Even so, rather than experimenting with changes to the end-to-end process, we look to find the rationale in the economy, the graduates themselves, or another part of the business.


The motivational speaker at the end of the AGR left a powerful take away message: those who feel in control of, and accountable, for their life are happier. Again, can we extend this to recruitment? What stops you from changing things?


We understand the constraints: budget, historic processes that the business is not keen to change, difficult stakeholders, fear. To quote the motivational speaker again, what would happen if you stopped saying ‘I wish’?


We work with clients who have had realised the madness of this. What they are using at the moment isn’t working, and things need to change.


At Capp we also apply this thinking to ourselves – always questioning what we have done and why and not being afraid to change. We hope you get the chance this summer with colleagues and peers to do the same.



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