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October 2012
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The Great Gender Debate

Posted by: Alex Linley


The weekend newspapers have again been full of the gender debate about how men and women are faring relative to each other, especially in the workplace but also in education, relationships, lifestyle and ambitions.


A lot of this commentary has been triggered by two books that showcase the evidence for why women’s development and progress is outpacing men’s, and then go on to suggest what this could mean for our future.


The main basis for the arguments in The Richer Sex (by Liza Mundy) and The End of Men (by Hanna Rosin) is that girls are doing better than boys in education, and then go on to enter higher-paying professions in greater numbers than men. In turn, this pattern means that women have increasing economic freedom, and with that, increasing choice over how they live their lives and who they live them with.


Increasing autonomy and choice are good for any human being, especially for people who have been in situations where combinations of circumstances have deprived them of this. But it’s a dangerous assumption to think that all women will want the same things as men are perceived to have traditionally wanted – such as a place on the board or a high-powered role with all the pressures and responsibilities – and sacrifices – that accompany it.


Through our Women at Work Survey, we’re striving to understand the real drivers for women in the modern age. What do you want from work as a woman? What are the things that have shaped your career and development to date? What do you want to achieve in the future? Who do you learn from and aspire to be like?


It’s our view that many women’s voices have not yet been heard, being drowned out by the clamour for putting more women on the board. Let me be clear – I support this – but I also support the right of any person to decide that this isn’t what they want, and to choose an alternative path instead.


We would love to hear about your experiences and aspirations as a woman at work, so please join us in completing the Capp Women at Work Survey. As a thank you to all our participants, we are offering a prize draw for an iPad 3 and three runner-up prizes of a Spa Day.


Please help us understand more about what women want from work by sharing the survey link with others.


You can also let us know your own thoughts on women at work and in leadership by posting your Comments on The Capp Blog below.


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