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February 2012
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The Power of Knowing Our Strengths – Google’s Solve for X

Imagine a world where we all knew our strengths and talents. Where we could use them to greatest effect in what we did, every day of every week. We already know that there’s a raft of evidence for why strengths matter, showing that people who use their strengths more achieve their goals better, are more engaged at work, are more resilient and happier, amongst many other good things that follow from strengths use.


And yet, far too many of us languish through not knowing what we do best and love to do, through being constrained by the circumstances in which we find ourselves, and perhaps most fundamental of all, through not having the right language, framework or approach to talk about strengths in an impactful way.


To me – and I suspect many of you – this reservoir of wasted talent seems like a massive problem as well as a huge opportunity. Yesterday I read on the TechCrunch blog that Google’s Solve for X conference was established for exactly this sort of challenge: a massive problem, a breakthrough technology, a potentially radical solution.


lisagansky (@instigating) tweeted February 2, 2012 – Crowdsolving: reshape edu, value of work, innovation & the economy. Each of us learn abt r true talents in a changing world. #solveforx


This got me thinking. And as I thought it reminded me of our vision for building Realise2:

  1. To develop a shared language and vocabulary of strengths and talents
  2. To assess strengths through more than just “what you are good at”, by also including the rating of energy and how using the strength makes you feel
  3. To provide a framework that helps people to understand themselves and each other holistically, in terms of their strengths, weaknesses and learned behaviours
  4. With this understanding, to make work better, helping people to work from their strengths and lead their best lives.

It’s still early days, but with what we are now discovering about strengths, about how to use our strengths most effectively, and about the pay-offs that come from working from our strengths, it’s just possible that we might be on the way to solving this particular X. Wouldn’t that be a world worth living in!


Do something good today: Make the most of your strengths.


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